It is truly extraordinary to help others in life, but no one is an island.. Since 2009 sister Wildanie Cupid is sacrificing herself for the less fortunate with the sweat of her forehead. Helping others is more than love for her, it is a duty. But, she cannot do alone what she really needs to do. That’s why she called you because of the many but not heavy loads. Do not choose to support the FOUNDATION Wildanie Cupidon because it is a good cause- a noble cause.. If you talk to Sr.Cupid, you will find that the way she talks about her vision for people in difficulty inspires confidence, because there is sincerity in her statements. The FOUNDATION Wildanie Cupidon is in Haiti, Cameroon and Paskistan. Its primary objective is to improve the degrading living conditions of others:

She accepts Financial and In-Kind Donations wherever you are The Wildanie Cupid Foundation is closer to you, as it is within clickable distance.

In Focus

A Haitian with international influence

The name of the sister Wildanie Cupidon appears in the traditional list of personalities who marked the year 2021 of the newspaper Beninois, the leader of the day

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Promoting Peace in the World

As part of the 35th Anniversary Fobana Convention Washington DC, Sr. Wildanie Cupid has just been appointed interfaith ambassador

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