Service to Humanity is providing by the Sister Wildanie Cupidon. She get inspired to work for the poor people and underprivileged people in 2005, Foundation Wildanie Cupidon Foundation was established in 2009. She has setup the Fondation Wildanie Cupidon Foundation head office in Canada in 2020.

Fondation Wildanie Cupidon Foundation (Corporation# 12204819) is a federal corporation entity registered with Corporations Canada. The incorporation date is July 17, 2020.

The Founder of the organization is Sr. Wildanie Cupidon. Fondation Wildanie Cupidon Foundation  is Non-Political, Non- Governmental, and Non- Profit Organization is committed to serving the Humanity. Our Mission is particularly work for the poor, vulnerable peoples, Orphans and Widows without any discrimination providing the Health, Financial Sustainability, Education, livehood.

We actives  more than 200 members are working as volunteers.

In Haiti, regularly supplies the packages of food, water bottles of water, milk and fruits among the 150 peoples.

By sending us a donation, you serve the thousand of Human, such as Children, Orphans and Widows.