Eligibility of Membership

The quality of members is natural and legal persons who, through their initiative, vision, solidarity, and annual contribution, have participated in the achievement of the Foundation’s objectives and sustainability.

Any person having the following qualification shall be eligible for membership of this society

  •  Who is of or above 23 years age.

  • Who resides in the area of operation of Society

  • Who has reputable character and sound mind

  • Who agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations/ Articles of the society and supports the aims & objects of the society.

  • No employee of the Society can become member of the Society.

Foundation to be a member of the following conditions must be meet

1. be an authentic organization/association with a registered office.

2. be a real institution working in the field of development and enjoying a good reputation.

3. be willing to cooperate in achieving the goals and objective of the Fondation Wildanie Cupidon Foundation.

4.  adhere to the mission and strategies of the foundation.

5. be an organization legally registered with the competent authorities.

6. be recommended by two (2) members of the foundation (natural and legal persons).

7. complete the membership form which, after review by the secretariat, will be submitted to board for assessment.

8. pay a membership fee for the membership card/certificate, which will be set by the Executive Board.

9. be ready to comply with the articles of these statutes and the internal regulations of the said foundation.