Who is Sr. Wildanie Cupidon

Missionary Nun, Sr. Wildanie Cupidon born in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti on 1st September, 1980.In her early childhood, she devoted her life to God. In conclusion wish to become a Nun. She did attend the religious school of sister of St. Joseph Cluny in Cayes-Jacmel Haiti. She is devoting her life to caring for the poor and sick underprivileged people.

Aim of Sr. Wildanie Cupidon
She gets inspired to work for the poor and underprivileged people in 2005, but she established the Fondation Wildanie Cupidon Foundation in Haiti Since 2009 perform the activities such as regularly distribution of food and health care services. She has set up the Fondation Wildanie Cupidon Foundation Head Office in Canada in 2020. Her activities among the poor peoples are facts that Mother Cupidon is serving the Lord with the heart and soul. She is living in Canada. However, sacrificing also for the poor families in her homeland in Haiti. They are controlling activities by the staff of the Foundation in Haiti.